With hordes of smart technology available, it makes sense to take advantage of it – particularly if you’re having a custom home built in Middle Tennessee. You can control everything from home security to indoor temperature with automated tools, and it can all be done from one device. At Carbine and Associates, we’re big advocates of making things easier, so here’s what we recommend.

Automated Home Security

You can control your home security from any Apple or Android device. There are real-time devices that connect through apps, such as those available through ADT and even Home Depot, that will let you set alarms from remote locations and send you alerts if something goes wrong.

Climate Control when You’re Not Home

We all forget to turn off the air conditioner or turn down the heat when we leave the house in a hurry (or when we’re trying to shuffle kids out the door, slowly but surely, without forgetting backpacks, lunches or other essentials), but with automated temperature controls, you never have to think about it again.

Automated Irrigation Systems

While timed irrigation systems are great, they don’t know that it rained all day yesterday or that it’s going to rain this afternoon. We recommend smart sensors – those that can detect rain and can be controlled remotely. The newest automated sprinkler systems can even detect movement in gardens, which is perfect when squirrels arLight Timers in the Homee pirating away your strawberries or something keeps digging around your flowers.

Lighting: Timers Are a Thing of the Past

Light timers were great in the beginning of the last decade, but now we have something much better available: remote-controlled lighting systems. When you’re on vacation, you can program your lights to come on and turn off at random times, or you can control them manually; that means you don’t have to worry about would-be burglars targeting your home when you’re not there. You can even use remote programs to turn off the lights if you forgot (like when you were trying to get those kids out the door).


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At Carbine and Associates, we can build these technologies right into your custom home. If you’d like to talk about your options, call us at (615)661-9995 or contact us using the form below. Carbine has a ton of home related partners including our tech partner, Crystal Clear Technologies.


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