From black farmhouses in new Franklin neighborhoods to fresh color ideas, the Carbine & Associates team share top home building trends to inspire you. 

And, be sure you check out this Carbine & Associates Facebook Live roundtable interview with Beth Sturm and Kristen Carbine, PARKS Realty, where we chatted about the top trends and let us know the ones you love!

1. Black Farmhouse Earns 2018 Top Instagram Image – 74 K “Likes”

In 2017, Carbine & Associates launched a pretty, white Modern Farmhouse in the new Southern Preserve neighborhood which was featured nationally by Domino magazine “This Tennessee home is anything but ordinary.” 

Fast forward to 2019, and Carbine’s black farmhouse is sweeping Instagram officially being announced as Carbine’s 2018 image of the year.  After being shared by @JettSetFarmhouse with 167 K followers and @BeckiOwens with 906K followers twice each (thanks ladies!), this image earned over 74,000 “likes” and counting and a profile in the Tennessean, “Custom farmhouse painted black sets social media on fire.” Follow along our Instagram account here and see our latest inspiring projects. 


While the white farmhouse remains a favorite, the black farmhouse definitely has proven to be a fan favorite and has inspired another build coming up in 2019 in the new Nature’s Landing neighborhood in Franklin. Six homes in Nature’s Landing are soon under construction including a black farmhouse.  Contact Beth Sturm and Kristen Carbine, PARKS Realty, for more information at 615-620-7161.

Nature's Landing, Black Farmhouse, Carbine & Associates, Rendering by Ben Johnson

Carbine is developing Nature’s Landing and will be building a popular black farmhouse in the boutique community located near downtown Franklin. (Rendering by Ben Johnson)

Carbine is also using more color in several new builds including this pretty home available in the Westhaven neighborhood of Franklin with brick painted Sherwin Williams “Mountain Road” and siding painted SW “Rushing River.”  Will you be adding more color to your home in 2019?

801 Stonewater Blvd., Westhaven, Carbine &

Still under construction in Franklin’s Westhaven neighborhood, Carbine & Associates has painted the exterior brick of this pretty home Sherwin Williams “Mountain Road.”


2. Interior Color Trends

Two years ago, gray was trending strongly and remains on trend for Benjamin Moore in 2019.  We have to share their description. “Calm, composed and effortlessly sophisticated, Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2019, Metropolitan AF-690, exudes glamour, beauty and balance.”

It is interesting to see the other companies have deviated sharply into color with Pantone proclaiming “Living Coral” as their 2019 color and Sherwin Williams selecting “Cavern Clay.” 

For Carbine market homes, we are sticking with crowd pleasing choices like a Sherwin Williams “Natural Choice” for a new home available in Westhaven and a Sherwin Williams “Passive” for this recently sold home in Water Leaf neighborhood of Franklin.  All these colors professionally selected by J & K Design Studio.

Modern Farmhouse, Water Leaf, Carbine & Associates

This recently sold Modern Farmhouse in Water Leaf has a pretty Sherwin Williams “Passive.” (Photo by Leslie Brown Photography)

3. Cabinets With Color

Mid-week on Instagram used to be celebrated with beautiful #BrightWhiteWednesday posts.  Today, color is working its way back into the kitchen as this space continues to warm up. 

Carbine has recently completed several homes with color on the cabinets including this pretty, custom in Southern Preserve with a striking, BM “Admiral Blue” on the island and a serene, PPG “Pebble Gray” on the cabinets. 

Cabinets With Color, Carbine & Associates

This pretty custom home has a striking, BM “Admiral Blue” on the island and a serene, PPG “Pebble Gray” on the cabinets. (Photo by Leslie Brown Photography)

 4. Open Shelving

The minimalist movement has moved away from closed cabinet storage to open shelving.  You’ll find extra storage in the super island but the upper cabinets are being replaced by pretty walls of tile with open shelving for display and everyday use. You’ve selected the perfect tile backsplash for the kitchen. Why not show it off further with open shelving?

Opening Shelving, Carbine & Associates

The minimalist movement uses open shelving to reduce clutter. (Photo by Leslie Brown Photography)


Super Island Storage, Open Storage, Carbine & Associates

The super island has tons of additional storage so the pretty sink wall tile really pops. (Photo by Leslie Brown Photography)

5. Decorative Hood

In a gourmet kitchen, you’ve invested in a beautiful range and finishing it off with a decorative hood is the perfect touch.   The hood has been more conservative in the past few years and now it is moving back to more personality.  Check out this work in progress photo of a home being completed in Westhaven with a scalloped wood hood – definitely the focal piece for this gorgeous kitchen.

Scalloped Hood, Work In Progress, Carbine & Associates

This striking scalloped hood is in the kitchen of a Carbine home being completed in Westhaven neighborhood of Franklin, TN.

6. Movement, Fun Countertops 

“White counters show everything.  Take that stress out of your life,” says Kristen Carbine, who says she is creating a moody vibe with the Carbine home being built for her and her fiancé in Nashville.

Look for a countertop with movement or veining says Kristen Carbine and take the stress out of your life with white counters that show everything.

Today’s trends include interesting backsplashes, open shelving and big islands with storage says Kristen Carbine, PARKS Realty and Carbine & Associates.

“In countertops, I like lots of movement, veining, pops of color on the main island and something more mild and color neutral on the perimeter,” she added. 

Glossy, leathered quartz is also fun choice.  You don’t have to be matching throughout your home and you can embrace choices, Beth Sturm adds.

7. Mixed Metals

In 2018, we identified mixed metals as a trend from a stainless steel soaking tub to mixing metals in the kitchen lighting and drawer pulls. 

Mixing a matte black with an antique brass is a delicious blend.  It makes for a much more interesting interior and you won’t get bored, Kristen says. 

Pro tip from Kristen, be sure you have recessed can lights in the bathroom as a foundation and then added a cute chandelier or school house light. 

Bathroom Trend, Carbine & Associates

Cool lights – check! But, be sure the bathroom also has a can lighting.


8. Lighter Hardwood Floors

Lighter floors are more realistic and have less maintenance says Beth.  The new color Carbine is using is a Bona White finish.  Check out this recently completed Carbine floor.  You can see the movement in the natural grain with a hint of color.  It makes the home happy, bright open and ages better says Beth.  And bonus, if you have a pet, the scratches become a texture addition instead of something that requires repair.

Lighter Floor Trends, Carbine & Associates

Lighter floors are one of the top building trends of the year says the smart team of Carbine & Associates which makes the home lighter and brighter. (Photo by Leslie Brown Photography)

9. Quartz Leather – Concrete Feel

Finally, there is now a quartz product which has a leathered finish giving it a concrete texture.  Carbine has used in secondary bathrooms but would also be fun for a secondary kitchen or wet bar.


Looking For A Home?

Looking for a home on a home site with around an acre?  Carbine will soon be starting additional homes in Water Leaf and Southern Preserve.  Appreciate being closer to the city? Check out Nature’s Landing where six beautiful Carbine homes are in progress and we will be announcing new homes in Green Hills soon.

Currently, Carbine does have one home available and soon-to-be completed in Water Leaf and you can see all the details here including the pretty dining room, metal dome light.