Carbine’s Fun, Functional Bunk Bed Ideas

Described as fun, functional additions to a home, Carbine & Associates unique built-in bunk beds were recently highlighted in a Tennessean story on home building and here’s more from our Vice President of Operations, Daryl Walny.

Built-in Bunk Beds, Carbine & Associates


Great Bunk Bed Ideas

Around 2008, Daryl got his first request for bunk beds when building a custom home in the Middle Tennessee area.

“A client said they’d love  some bunk beds, so we got our trim carpenter involved and created four beds in a bonus room,” Walny said. “We get custom requests for them. I love them. It takes me back to being a kid. Bunk beds are so fun and they are great for sleepovers or for company.”

Built-in bunk beds

Built-in bunk beds in a kids’ playroom are a great idea for sleepovers says Walny. Pinned to Carbine’s Pinterest, this building idea was a top image for Pinterest and the premier home builder’s 2016 top Houzz image.

Not only do these make great bedrooms, but they are great bonus rooms when company come to visit, and add a fun and functional perspective to the home. The trend is more for sleepovers and company than it is for siblings to share to share a room.

Pinterest Great Built-In Design Tool

Currently, there are about three Carbine homes under construction that have the built-in bunk beds requested. One of the main sources of inspiration for custom built-in bunk bed ideas and the flood of requests is none other than Pinterest, a source that Walny said actually makes the process easier.

“A lot of people come in with a few Pinterest photos and say, ‘Here’s what we want,’ which I love,” Walny said. “It’s been a helpful tool for us because people used to come in and try to explain something to us. Since they aren’t builders by profession, it can be hard to get their point across. Now, having photos and examples allows us to know and build exactly what our clients want.”

Check out Carbine’s Pinterest page as well as the “Builder Daryl” inspiration board to see the pins currently catching Walny’s eye. 

Carbine and Associates work in progressWant To Create Your Custom Dream Home?

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