Having a roomy house doesn’t mean you don’t suffer from what you consider a storage shortage. In fact, many of us feel like our spaces are too cluttered – even if they aren’t. If you feel that way, you’re likely a minimalist at heart. So what’s the key to beating that feeling and enjoying our spaces to the fullest? Organization. But it’s not the kind of organization you think.
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Revamping Shelving Units

Whether you have a huge selection of books or you just like to display family keepsakes on your shelves, organizing them by color creates an easy-to-process visual that can leave you feeling more at ease. Group like items together, as well; a compartment with beach-related keepsakes, one with antique glass and another with books, for example, has the same effect as color-blocking.

Setting Up Attractive Catch-Alls

Decorative baskets are the perfect place to capture loose items, and interior designers recommend one or two in your most-trafficked rooms. If someone leaves something out, you can stash it in the basket so they can retrieve it and put it away later – just make sure you’re using baskets with lids to keep things neat and tidy.

Use Food as Décor

Your kitchen counters will look fantastic with apothecary jars of pasta, beans and other dry goods as a decorative accent. The bonus? You have more cupboard space to stash the things nobody needs to see (like those boxes of Girl Scout cookies).

Spacious Homes with Custom Layouts

At Carbine & Associates, we specialize in building custom homes in Middle Tennessee. Whether you want a beautiful library with expansive shelves or you’re looking for a custom kitchen that meets your needs as an aspiring chef, we can help. Simply call us at (615)661-9995 or contact us online and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.