Home design is something that’s always evolving with fresh color choices a huge part of staying current. Here’re some of the hottest color trends as seen in Carbine homes to inspire you as well as what’s coming up for 2019.

Back in Black

You may be used to black being a sleek accent color used to complement virtually any room, especially rooms filled with bold statement colors. Well, the rules are flipping the color script. Black is being used as the statement color. That’s right, don’t be afraid of a statement with black walls. However, if you’re not ready to fully commit to black walls, you can add some flare with a black rug and other sleek accessories.

H4H Dining Room, redo home + design

Redo Home + Design created a striking black dining room in Carbine’s farmhouse project, the House for Hope Designer Show House.(Photo by Sam Carbine)

Metaling in Metallics

Don’t be scared of weaving metallic and gold into your décor. Metallics are now being treated as part of the neutral family. Feel free to step out of the box with them too. Think about adding a fun gold wallpaper to your walls as well as filling your space with metallic accents. Don’t be afraid to mix metals either. Gold and silver can come together to create a sleek, classy, cohesive room. Make that room shine!

Color Trends, Green Hills Master Bath, Carbine & Associates

This Carbine master bath is dressed up with gold by J & K Design Studio.

Metallic Backsplash Tile, The Nations, Carbine & Associates

With a striking black toned cabinet, a pretty metallic finished tile was used in a Carbine townhome wet bar in The Nations.

Perfect Pinks

This year the color pink has become a more complex color. It’s showing up in a variety of ways. Elle Décor discuses how Blush tones are being used as a lovely new neutral tone, and how pink  is even being used as a bold statement of power – which is something that Elle Woods would be very excited about.

Show-House-Inspiration-Girls-Room, Carbine & Associates

Nashville artist Gina Julian chose shades of a blush pink for the girls’ bedroom of the Carbine House for Hope Designer Show House.

Sherwin Williams Color of Year – Cavern Clay

Sherwin-Williams has just named Cavern Clay as its hue of choice for 2019.  Popular in design and fashion for quite some time, the company believes  2019 will be a renaissance of the 1970s inspired color—with a twist. “In the coming year, we will embrace our pioneering spirits and artisan ingenuity,” explained Sue Wadden, director of color marketing, in the announcement. “Our 2019 Color of the Year, Cavern Clay, embodies renewal, simplicity and free-spirited, bohemian flair.”

Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year 2019

Will you be using the Sherwin-Williams 2019 color of the year – Cavern Clay?

Color Inspiration – Nashville Home Show

Looking for color inspiration? Carbine would love to send you and a friend to the Nashville Home Show, September 21-23.  Head to our Facebook page and “like” this post.  We will follow up!

Nashville Home Show 2018 logo

Let Carbine Help Bring Color To Your New Home

No matter what color trend you’re drawn to the most, don’t be afraid to really embrace it! Mix trends together too for a space that’s really fresh, unique and current. In the end, it’s your space so make it your own!

And, if you really want a custom space, let’s start talking new home design today with the building experts at Carbine & Associates. Give us ring at 615-661-9995.