There’s one in every house, and it’s the bane of the homeowner’s existence. It’s always there, taunting you, daring you to do something… every time you walk into the room, you rack your brain looking for a solution as you stare this problem in the face.

It’s a plain, boring wall.

Fortunately, Carbine & Associates specializes in helping homeowners realize their dreams. Over the course of several years, we’ve picked up three sure-fire ways to defeat plain-wall syndrome from the numerous decorators and designers with whom we’ve had the pleasure of working.

Plain Wall Tip #1: I Saw the Sign

A unique tin sign, a street sign or a vintage wooden sign can make or break the décor in a room. While you don’t want to clutter your wall with antique license plates, a few well-placed items that weren’t originally made to be wall art can really stir things up in an otherwise ordinary room.

Plain Wall Tip #2: Floating Shelves

While standard shelves are a nice touch, why be traditional when you can be ultra-chic? Floating shelves, or at least those without sides and bases, are a fantastic way to display books, keepsakes and family photos on any plain wall. You don’t even have to use traditional shelving; there are plenty of DIY tricks to creating floating shelves out of books themselves. Bonus design tip: stagger your floating shelves so that they keep eyes busy and imaginations working – you don’t have to confine yourself to straight lines.

Floating Shelves - Carbine and Associates, Franklin, Tennessee

Plain Wall Tip #3: Right Back at Ya

A big mirror is possibly the easiest solution for a plain wall. Mirrors give the illusion of extra space and reflect back the décor in the rest of the room. The best part? It’s almost always easy to find a framed mirror that matches the style and tone of a room. If you want to explore your creativity, try strategically mounting multiple mirrors (much like you would if you were creating a photo display wall).

Carbine & Associates, Franklin, TN

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