Give Your Home’s IQ a Boost

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With the date Marty McFly visited in “Back to the Future II” just past, it’s a great time to look at how much smart homes have evolved in the past several years. Sure, we don’t have fax machines built into our walls like they did in the movie – but we have things that make our [...]

Smart Technology and Home Design: An Evolving Process

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We’ve come a long way in the past several decades. In fact, 50 years ago, refrigerators that dispensed ice cubes were brand-new – Frigidaire introduced the first ice dispensers (they were tucked inside the freezer door) for home use in 1965. Today, you can control your home’s temperature, security alarm system, and just about everything else [...]

LED vs. CFL – What’s Best for Your Custom Home

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Your new home, no matter how well designed it is, needs the perfect lighting scheme in order for you to enjoy it to its fullest. So what’s right for you: CFL or LED lights? What is CFL Lighting? CFL stands for compact fluorescent lamp. These types of lights are energy-saving lamps that fit into light fixtures [...]

Craftmanship, Great Floor Plan And Materials Define A Carbine Home

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When you step into a Carbine & Associates home, Daryl Walny, vice president of operations, says there are several distinct building elements which define a home as being produced by the national award-winning builders. “Craftmanship, balanced floor plan and superior building materials are three of the most important characteristics of a Carbine home,” Walny said.  “We [...]

Are You Inviting Burglars Through Facebook

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There's nothing wrong with going on vacation and sharing pictures, status updates and check-ins on Facebook. Your family and friends want to see “selfies” at the beach, snapshots of a night out on the town and photos of beautiful tropical scenery. Sharing these updates while you're still away, however, might be a costly mistake. While Facebook [...]

3 Smart Gadgets That Make Your Home More Livable

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Did you watch The Jetsons when you were a kid? Now we have those watches you can talk into, robots that sweep the floors… and plenty of other great gadgets that make our homes more livable and our lives much easier. 3 Smart Gadgets that Make Your Home More Livable 1. Oso Technologies’ PlantLink We all know that plants improve air [...]

Creating An Emergency Preparedness Plan For Your New Home

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When you move into a new custom home, the last thing you’re thinking about is creating an emergency preparedness plan for your whole family. The truth is, though, that there’s no better time to create one than right now – no matter how long you’ve lived in your house. Disasters Don’t Wait on You Nashville and [...]

Smart and Savvy Technologies for the Home

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With hordes of smart technology available, it makes sense to take advantage of it – particularly if you’re having a custom home built in Middle Tennessee. You can control everything from home security to indoor temperature with automated tools, and it can all be done from one device. At Carbine and Associates, we’re big advocates of [...]

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