Once you’ve moved into your beautiful dream home in Middle Tennessee, it pays to take good care of your hardwood floors – but how, exactly, are you supposed to protect them from everyday wear and tear?

Hardwood Floors

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

When your hardwood floors are new, they look spectacular… but when scuffs and scratches take hold, they can change the way you feel about an entire room.

Typically, weekly and quarterly cleanings are enough to keep most hardwoods in great shape. However, you need to know that even small particles of dust and dirt can erode your floor’s finish. Dusting and sweeping are a must each week; every quarter, you’ll have to do a deeper clean.

There are several special solutions designed just for hardwood floors. Don’t use vinegar and water; it’s not safe for most finishes. What you need is something that’s nontoxic, biodegradable and pH-neutral.

When you find your solution, don’t soak the floor in it. Dampen a cloth and rub down the floor, and then allow it to dry naturally.

If you feel that your hardwoods need a deep-clean, it’s best to work with professionals who have the right tools and formulas on-hand.

Wood Floor Preservation Tips

Preventing damage is the best way to preserve the beauty of your hardwood floors. Experts suggest:

  • Use natural rugs. Choose rugs without rubber or vinyl backing, because those substances can trap water and debris. In the worst cases, the trapped water or debris can damage your floors without you even knowing it’s happening.
  • Move your rugs frequently. Natural light can bleach out your floor’s color, so it’s best to proactively move your carpets to prevent spots from appearing.
  • Add felt contacts to the feet of your furniture wherever possible.

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