As your Middle Tennessee custom home begins to take shape, it’s time for the details to start coming together. Whatever your décor, the right lighting will go far in creating inviting and useful space you’ll feel immediately at home in.


A charming Nashville area farmhouse used a dramatic light above the kitchen island taking advantage of the higher ceiling. Click here for more details.

Single-Source Lighting

Depending how you plan to use each room, you may find that a single, centrally located light fixture gives your space the illumination you desire. This is most often the case in bedrooms and bathrooms. If you’re like most people, you’ll add a reading lamp or two in the bedroom; but a single fixture is usually ideal.

Designers ReFresh Home chose a main light for the House for Hope farmhouse made of charcoal gray Capiz shells in waterfall chandelier style for the master bedroom.

Rooms With Multiple Light Sources

Larger spaces typically need multiple fixtures to ensure uniform lighting. This is especially true of a rectangular or L-shaped room. Consider a pair of matching pendant lights, track lighting, recessed lights, or a combination of these. Using a combination of light sources gives you the flexibility to adjust the brightness depending on your needs—or your mood.


This contemporary farmhouse combined can lighting with pendant lights as well as cabinet under and display lighting for a beautiful kitchen lighting scene.

Kitchens, even smaller kitchens, generally require multiple lighting sources. You certainly don’t want to be casting a shadow on your cooktop, cutting board or other work surfaces! Pendant lights are a natural choice above the island, while under-cabinet lighting can save the day in other spots. Recessed lighting can spotlight a workspace or provide uniform light levels throughout the kitchen.


Dramatic, oversized pendant lights are perfect for the large island kitchen work space and notice the multiple lighting sources designed for the space.

Should Your Lighting be Subtle or Bold?

Each light fixture can simply provide illumination, or be a focal point all its own. Pendant lights can be subtle and understated, or feature an interesting shape and texture to complement your décor. Similarly, track lighting can become a design element to work with if you choose.


A Sputnik inspired light was custom crafted by Nashville lighting maker, Kidd Epps,for use at Carbine’s Modern Farmhouse’s study designed by Colleen Locke.

Chandeliers offer an array of different looks, from classic elegance to funky fashion. A popular choice is post-modern metal and glass, which blends well with nearly any style. Some prefer the classic design that mimics the crystals-and-candles lighting of old. Others may enjoy a more unusual arrangement. From wild-west antlers to reclaimed wood and other materials, you’ll find that modern chandelier lighting offers an endless variety of looks to suit any taste.


An antler chandelier offers charm and a conversation piece to a farmhouse’s dining room – Carbine built outside of Nashville.

Smart Home Lighting Features

No matter what fixtures you choose, technology can help you see your beautiful custom home in a new light—and save on energy costs. LED lighting offers high lumen output for very little energy. Just like old-fashioned energy-hogging incandescent bulbs, LED lights are available in warm or cool tones and a wide range of brightness. You can choose bulbs that fit standard fixtures, or smaller lights for tight spaces and recessed lighting.

Timers and motion detectors represent the earliest smart technology, and each still has its place in today’s smart home lighting features. Motion detectors are often ideal for outdoor illumination, but indoors is where the tech-magic really shines. Features and apps are available to adjust your home’s lighting with a remote control device, your smartphone, or even your voice.

Getting the Light Just Right

Ready to get started? Carbine & Associates can help you combine technology and style to light up your new custom home perfectly. Give us a call at 615-661-9995 or contact us online.