At Carbine & Associates, we’ll build your laundry room to your exact specifications (right along with the rest of the house). Don’t feel like you have to contain your imagination when it comes to your laundry area; we want you to love every aspect of your home.

Laundry Room

We keep a good eye on what’s hot in home design, including laundry room ideas – and here are our top 5 for 2016.

1. Make the most of counter space. Pull-out drawers and hampers are a great way to keep things off the counters and floors, and they’re the perfect addition when you know you’ll have too much “stuff” to stash on your shelves.

2. Opt for stackable washer-dryer units if space will be tight. You don’t have to give up more square footage to appliances, and many modern stackable units are energy-efficient and can handle high capacities.

3. Leave room for a window. Natural light makes any room more inviting, so plan to put a window in your laundry space. If that’s not enough, we can add under-cabinet LED lights to create a more welcoming environment.

4. Install built-in hooks behind the door to maximize storage space. Whether you keep your mop and broom there or you’d rather use the hooks for clothing and other necessities, you’ll be glad they’re there.

5. Think about your flooring. You’ll need something that’s easy to clean in case of spills, but you’ll want something that’s easy on the eyes, as well. Porcelain tile is usually a great choice. You’ll probably want to steer clear of hardwoods in your laundry room.

Ready to Talk About Your New Laundry Room?

While it’s probably not the highest item on your list of things to discuss with a custom builder, it’s an important one – and we’re ready to talk about your new laundry room (and the rest of your home) when you are.

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