While it would be nice to hire a professional decorator to outfit your home in the latest-and-greatest styles, that’s not always feasible – but how can you turn your home into a magazine-worthy showpiece without professional help?

Knowing how to pick out the perfect sofa is a great start.


How to Find the Perfect Sofa Without Hiring a Professional

Your sofa can make or break your living room. Get it wrong and you’ll be displeased with your choice every time you walk into the room; get it right and you’ll love the time you spend on it.

When you’re designing your living room, the sofa is central to all your other decisions, according to Noa Santos, the co-founder of Homepolish Interior Design.

“Your sofa is in many cases your anchor and statement piece of furniture,” says Santos. “It’s a good rule of thumb to begin with the pieces you’re most limited with. You’ve probably got 100 side tables that you like but only half a dozen sofas that you really like.”

Rather than making a bold color choice, it might be best to choose one that’s got a bold design instead. Bold colors can quickly start to look dated, so it’s best if you choose something neutral and accent it with throws, eye-popping end tables and brightly decorated lamps.

Other tips from Santos include picking a sofa with legs to make your room look larger and choosing one with multiple cushions rather than just one long cushion.

If you’re stuck with a sofa you don’t like, there’s still hope.

“If you don’t really love your sofa, fill it with a lot of pillows and a really amazing throw. If you throw it over the arm that’s nearest the door, it covers a good portion of the sofa,” says Santos. That’s a great quick fix until you’re able to find the perfect couch for your needs.

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