How to Care for Your Hardwood Floors

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Once you’ve moved into your beautiful dream home in Middle Tennessee, it pays to take good care of your hardwood floors – but how, exactly, are you supposed to protect them from everyday wear and tear? How to Clean Hardwood Floors When your hardwood floors are new, they look spectacular… but when scuffs and scratches take [...]

Top Kitchen Design Ideas For 2016

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There’s nothing like a comfortable, well-designed kitchen to make a house a home – and in 2016, designers are borrowing plenty of inspiration from Europe to create unparalleled style. European Kitchen Design: What’s “In” Sleek and modern with a warm, welcoming touch. That’s the best way to describe what’s cooking in European kitchen design right now. [...]

Custom Home Advice – Wrapping up the Process and Moving In

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Before long, you’ll be settling into your own Middle Tennessee custom home – and here’s what the final weeks before the big day will look like. Project Cleanup Our crews will go through your home to clean the floors and windows, pick up construction debris and make sure everything is in good order. Our professional cleaning [...]

Custom Home Advice – Finding The Right Place To Call Home

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Building the home of your dreams exciting, but the process can be a little overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like you need to make dozens of decisions. Before construction even begins, you have one major job: finding the right space. When you hear Realtors® talk about “location, location, location,” they’re right. The location of your custom Middle [...]

Floor Materials: What’s Hot in 2015

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Stone, brick and good old-fashioned hardwood floors are beautiful, durable and fabulous for their resale value, but homeowners are exploring all kinds of other trends in flooring this year – and you might decide to buck tradition in your own Middle Tennessee custom home, too. Reclaimed Wood Floors Few building components have as much natural character [...]

A Kid’s Paradise: The Perfect Play Structure

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Every kid dreams of having a backyard play structure with swings, a slide (or two) and plenty of space to romp, jump and get wild – and today’s models are a far cry from the metal swing sets we grew up with. With modern innovations, though, come new safety concerns that you need to know about [...]

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