There’s nothing like a comfortable, well-designed kitchen to make a house a home – and in 2016, designers are borrowing plenty of inspiration from Europe to create unparalleled style.


European Kitchen Design: What’s “In”

Sleek and modern with a warm, welcoming touch. That’s the best way to describe what’s cooking in European kitchen design right now. It’s elegant without being quaint, and it’s inspired by midcentury modern design originating from the Nordic countries.

What You Need to Create the Perfect European Kitchen

The typical European kitchen is somewhat smaller than those you’ll find in most spacious Carbine & Associates homes, but you can still replicate the look with the right countertops, flooring and accents.

Dramatic angles are characteristic of European kitchens, which means your design options are wide-open. Think of big islands packed with storage space, high-backed stools with bold patterns and simple flooring, such as terracotta or earth-toned ceramic tile.

The cornerstone of this design style is using neutral or semi-neutral colors and accenting boldly. Even appliances can serve as accents – so whether you’re putting a bright blender or bread maker on the countertop or you’re choosing stainless steel, energy-efficient appliances, you’re already heading in the right direction.

If you’re designing an eat-in kitchen with space for a table, choose something simple, chic and modern. (You can check out Pedini or Arete for inspiration.)

Are You Ready for an All-New Kitchen?

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