If you’re like many people, you have your own unique design style – and shopping for new home décor to outfit your beautiful custom home is quite a bit easier if you know which category suits you best.


5 Major Design Styles: Which is Yours?

Every design style has its own unique characteristics, and many people cross over between them.


Traditional décor is versatile and attractive. The base for traditional décor is neutral colors on the floors and walls, accented by deep-woods tones, classic and elegant architectural details, and flexibility that allows you to switch up accessories periodically.


Characterized by lots of wood, natural elements and natural tones, rustic décor can be as bright and open as you want it to be. Many people opt for rustic décor within a modern, contemporary floor plan, which makes this a highly desirable style that allows you to embrace the Great Outdoors from the comfort of your own home.


Midcentury décor is a fabulous balance between old and new. Modern architecture meets your grandmother’s 1950s style to create this fun decorative style.


Many of the homes we build are perfectly suited for contemporary design; that’s because contemporary design requires open, flexible floor plans to work best. A lot of this style’s charm comes from the shape of the buildings and built-in features, as well as the ability to let in plenty of natural light and beautiful views.


Eclectic décor is a conglomeration of multiple periods and styles that are all tied together through texture and color. This type of decor relies on a few natural colors with splashes of personal style, elegance and creative elements.

What Does Your Dream House Look Like?

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