Most people who choose to build a custom home in Nashville or the surrounding communities know that it’s important to interview builders before making a commitment.  But, what are you supposed to ask and will the builders mind if you show up with a laundry list of questions?

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First things first: a good builder won’t hesitate to sit down with you and answer all of your questions. In fact, a great builder will welcome your questions. You’re going to want to ensure that your builder has the five qualities of a great builder before you dive in with both feet, which you can do in your initial interview.

So what should you ask your potential builder to determine whether you’re a good match?

4 Questions to Ask Your Custom Home Builder

  1. Where are you currently building?

Your builder should be able to provide you with a large portfolio of previously completed custom homes in a variety of neighborhoods.

  1. How do you work the design process?

This is your dream home, so you want to customize as much of it as you possibly can. Unfortunately, some builders only work from one set of plans, making minor changes according to their clients’ requests. Builders who are willing to create completely custom homes from the ground up may be a better fit for your needs.

  1. How long does the entire home-building experience take?

Your builder should be able to complete your home within a reasonable amount of time. Great builders don’t shy away from giving dates – and sticking to them.

  1. Will I be able to come see the home while it’s under construction?

Transparency is the key when you’re working with a great builder. When you work with Carbine & Associates, you’re always welcome to see your home’s progress – and you’ll be given a point of contact who can always answer your questions and provide you with updates.

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