As one of Middle Tennessee’s premier custom homebuilders, we get a lot of questions about flooring (including how to take care of hardwoods, which sustainable materials to use and more). One thing we haven’t really touched on yet is cork, which is one of the hottest trends in flooring design this year.

So what do you need to know about cork floors?

cork flooring

The Low-Down on Cork Flooring

As a flooring material, cork is warm, resilient and provides a cushioned walking surface. This makes it a fabulous alternative to carpeting. Allergy sufferers or those who simply don’t like carpet can still enjoy a luxurious barefoot stroll around the house with cork flooring, as well.
Other benefits to cork flooring include:
• Its shock-absorbent surface
• A wide array of colors are available
• It’s typically easy to maintain
• It pairs well with radiant heat systems
• It’s easy to repair if it’s damaged
Cork floors aren’t without drawbacks, though (like any other flooring, they’re not perfect).
Some things to remember if you’re considering cork floors include the fact that it can become indented permanently from heavy furniture. It may not be your best option if you tend to move furniture around or redecorate often. However, using furniture pads to distribute the weight of tables and sofas can prevent this sort of damage.
Cork also tends to fade in direct sunlight, so that might be a concern in your case. Pet owners need to be aware that the spongy, resilient nature of cork might mean that dog or cat claws could do some damage, too.

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