Ceramic tile is a classic and popular choice for flooring, backsplashes, kitchens and baths. And with good reason! Attractive, durable and easy to clean; ceramic tile is a versatile building material that has stood the test of time.

tile, Carbine & Associates, Nashville, TN

Surrounding a gorgeous tub with artistic tile is a spot on use of modern tile choices.

Contemporary Ceramic Tile: No Mere Squares and Grout

For some, the phrase “ceramic tile” calls forth an image of simple squares, often in a single color, throughout an entire bathroom or on a single kitchen wall. However, today’s tile backsplashes and bathrooms offer a breathtaking lineup of distinctive looks. 

Master Bath Tile, Carbine & Associates

The master bathroom of the 2014 HGTV Smart Home, built by Carbine & Associates, remains a fresh and classic space.

An Array of Ceramic Tile Designs

Ceramic tile’s adaptability makes it a perennial favorite with builders and homeowners alike. You can select from classic and contemporary designs, as subtle as you like or as bold as you dare. Experimenting with colors, textures and different grout colors can result in a distinctive look that’s stylish and functional.


dark grey grout, Carbine & Associates

With a marble mosiac inlay border, the dark grey grout enhances the shower’s subway tile. (Photo by Sam Carbine)

Artistry abounds with today’s ceramic tile collections. With the ability to mix and match tiles—long one of the material’s most popular characteristics—the possibilities are limitless. Bold, textured patterns can bring a sculptured quality to an entire wall, or draw the eye by contrasting with the smooth tiles surrounding them. Complementary grout colors are ideal for highlighting uniquely shaped patterns; or choose grout in the same color as your tile for a more subtle interest.


Gorgeous Walker Zanger Tile Backsplash Makes a Splash!

In the House for Hope Designer Show House, a striking Walker Zanger oxford gloss tile brings a clean, polished look to its contemporary kitchen and butler’s pantry. The gloss and texture add visual interest to this sleek, all-white décor—proving that monochrome is anything but dull.

 Walker-Zanger tile, Butler's Pantry, House for Hope Designer Show House, Carbine & Associates

Part of the elegant Robert A.M. Stern Collection™, this is one of an assemblage of tiles inspired by classic architectural designs. With a variety of shapes that reimagine such elements as shingles, brick and mosaic, this collection features a selection of textures and finishes that are sure to add appeal to any design.


Let’s Talk About Tile

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