Arguably, the mudroom may be the most utilitarian space in your home. Of course, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring or unattractive. A stylish, useful mudroom can keep your outerwear in order and still blend seamlessly with the rest of your home.


With easy access to the laundry room, the House for Hope mudroom, styled by Southern Hospitality, is functional and stylish. (Photo by Sam Carbine)


Mudroom Basics

Clearly, this is no place for wall-to-wall carpet and delicate wall art. Tile, brick or well-sealed wood are ideal choices for flooring, and a good semi-gloss paint will ensure your walls and built-ins are easy to clean. Keep the décor simple, but stylish. Good choices include a mirror, mail sorter and a single focal piece.



Brick floors make a great choice for a high-performing mudroom seen here in Carbine’s Parade house in Annandale neighborhood.

Mudroom Storage

Mud Room, Carbine And Associates, Nashville, TN

Choose an arty sliding door to add style to your mudroom space like this pretty Carbine home outside of Nashville.

Storage is really what this space is all about, and a little planning can go a long way. You’ll probably want, at least:

  • Seating; preferably a bench with storage beneath
  • A row of hooks for coats, bags and umbrellas
  • A closet, coat rack, or both
  • Cupboards, cubes or cubbies

Of course, your storage needs may vary. Larger families or people who enjoy seasonal sports will usually need more storage than smaller families with indoor hobbies. Make sure there’s a handy spot for the stick vac or a broom and dustpan!


Chevron Patterned Barn Wood Mud Room Bench, Carbine & Assoc.

Mudroom benches don’t have to be boring. Carbine added chevron pattern barn wood accents!

It’s often best to add as much built-in storage as your square footage will allow without feeling cramped. Choose between open cubbies under the seat or a storage bench, but there’s no reason not to use that space. Shelves or cupboards above the bench are another standby, which you can always use to display art or knickknacks if you aren’t filling them with seasonal gear.


Wall hooks are handy to have, even if you have a coat closet. Two-prong metal hooks are standard fare—but you may prefer wooden pegs or even something more whimsical. A woodworker at your local art fair may have some interesting, unique choices you’d never see anywhere else.


Mudroom Fashion 

It’s often best to stick with one or two paint colors in the mudroom. If you’re using natural or stained wood, one color of paint is probably a good limit. It’s easy for a mudroom to look cluttered; no sense giving it a head start with overly “busy” décor.


Mud Room, Toile Wallpaper, Carbine And Associates

Bring some style to your smart mudroom like this Carbine home with pretty toile wallpaper.

A framed map, preferably hand drawn by a local artisan, can be an ideal focal piece if there’s a lonely spot of wall. If space allows, a vase of flowers or a small sculpture can help create an inviting, welcoming feel. A couple throw pillows can transform such a small space—you might even wish to swap them out seasonally.


Carbine & Associates Knows…

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