The kitchen remains the heart of the home, and it also remains the heart of endless design choices.

Kitchen must-haves change year by year, so to help you keep up, here are five of our favorite must have kitchen features.

#1 Farmhouse Sink

The farmhouse sink is a versatile choice as well as a stylish one. The functionality of this sink gives it an advantage over other styles, as it’s larger and can fit large stock pots and sheet pans. As sink styles change, you can always provide an easy update with modern faucets.


#2 Super Island

A multipurpose super island is a perfect space for breakfast with the family or for serving guests. These islands are incredibly functional – as they usually contain a sink, along with storage and a bar area. Theuses of the super island are versatile to each home owner’s needs and if designed well, it is the smart hub of the home.

Super Island, Carbine & Associates

#3 Open Shelving

Extra storage for everyday kitchenware like plates, bowls and cups is always important, and open shelving makes these daily use items really accessible. Open shelves also make your kitchen space feel lighter and bigger. Another use for open shelving is displaying your decorative pieces – anything from books to antiques can adorn your walls with the help of open shelving and using a variety is key to creating an interesting vignette.

Open Shelving, Carbine & Associates

Open Shelving, Carbine & Associates

#4 Walk in Pantry

Walk-in pantries with floor to ceiling shelving can help you easily store away groceries and kitchen appliances. These pantries have the potential to be incredibly well organized so you never have to think about where to put anything.  Lately, we have been adding open shelving and a dash of wallpaper thanks to our design partners J & K Design Studio.

Top Five Kitchen Features, Open Shelving, Carbine & Associates

Carbine’s designer for a home located on Lone Oak in Green Hills, J & K Design Studio, added wallpaper behind the open shelving in the pantry.

#5 Open Concept

The open concept kitchen is what almost everyone is looking for in a home today. Opening up the kitchen into the living room or dining room gives the whole house a sense of flow. This floor plan also gives your family a sense of togetherness.  Even when you’re technically in different rooms, you don’t have to feel isolated from family fun.

Open Concept Kitchen, Carbine & Associates

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