In many multi-story homes, the stairs are merely a means to get from one floor to the next. In some homes, a staircase can even look like an afterthought. However, a dramatic staircase can make an impressive statement.

Here are just a few of our favorites to inspire you!

With the right planning, you can include a breathtaking staircase in the overall design of your custom home. A staircase doesn’t have to dominate a room in order to add style and interest to your living space; not everyone’s dream home looks like a 1940’s movie set.

Stairs With Simplicity and Style

Often, you may choose to match the steps themselves to the flooring on the entry level of your custom home. A baseboard and decorative molding offers a clean, sleek line along your wall, adding interest without making a bold statement.


Inspired by a primitive, farmhouse table in New England, designer Chad James created a striking staircase for the House for Hope farmhouse with flat, sawn balusters. (Photo by Sam Carbine)

With many staircases, the railing takes center stage. A classic wrought-iron look complements an array of interiors, while the warmth of wood may be more suited to some tastes. In either case, the railing can be simple and understated, or have interest and detail of its own.


Bold Risers and Surface Choices

For a more dramatic look, you can select materials that contrast with your flooring. Reclaimed wood, particularly if you have other reclaimed wood elements in your design, is a popular and charming choice.

Alternatively, let the risers take center stage. Striking paint colors or ornate tile surfaces, which could overwhelm a room if used on an entire wall, often look fantastic on stair risers.


Speaking of walls, the wall side of a staircase is a fabulous place to experiment with textures. Unless you have unusually large art pieces to display, this wall can seem stark and empty without an interesting texture. Panels, shiplap, tile or brick are just a few choices to consider for this delightfully blank canvas.

The Elegance of a Spiral Staircase

A spiral staircase offers an opportunity to turn a functional necessity into a striking design feature that makes excellent use of space. Whether tucked into a charming nook or taking center stage in an open floor plan, the allure of a spiral staircase is undeniable.


The soft curves of a spiral staircase add elegance to any interior. You may choose to wind open steps about a central post for a modern, airy feel. Another option involves housing your steps within a curved outer wall that partially surrounds them. This can offer an impressive view through the center, which you can further accent with a center skylight or chandelier.

Carbine & Associates Offers an Array of Staircase Options

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