When building a house, a few words can come to mind: tiring, difficult, and stressful. But according to homeowners Dennis and Rebecca Holmes, the opposite was true when building a home with Carbine & Associates and it was a very enjoyable experience!

“It was actually fun and enjoyable. My friends asked me if it was so stressful.  It was an easy experience and an easy process working with Carbine,” Rebecca said.  Here’s more from the couple on building a home with Carbine and Associates.

Beginning The Home Building Process

The couple was looking to buy a home in Westhaven, when they stumbled upon an empty home site in the perfect location. The next morning Carbine’s Vice President of Operations Daryl Walny met them at the Westhaven office to discuss plans to build a home.

(Photo by Leslie Brown Photography.)

“Daryl was just so friendly and personable,” Rebecca said. “There was just such an air of personality about him that we just instantly felt at ease and knew that we were going to be in good hands throughout the process.”

The Carbine Difference

Aside from being personable and making things easy for their clients, Carbine & Associates shows their hard work through their attention-to-detail and their willingness to continue serving their clients even after the home is finished.

“The quality is exceptional, there is no question about that,” Dennis said. “Not only from things like the trim work, but every aspect of it is the highest quality that we’ve ever come across.”

(Photo by Leslie Brown Photography.)

Rebecca agreed with that and added the Carbine difference is friendly, professional, integrity, honesty and attention-to-detail.

“What I can’t say enough good things about is that if I were to text Daryl or Justin, they would literally be here within an hour, or maybe even five minutes, depending on where they were,” Rebecca said.

Part of the building process with Carbine & Associates is to ensure the clients’ punch list is completed and the new homeowners are happy.

(Photo by Leslie Brown Photography.)

“The thing I keep going back to is the service they provided after the house was done,” Dennis said. “They were so good about helping us with anything that needed to be done or followed-up with.”

Gourmet Kitchen, Westhaven home, Carbine & Associiates

(Photo by Leslie Brown Photography.)

Create Your Dream Home Today

Carbine & Associates are building on custom home sites throughout Middle Tennessee and recently launched a new neighborhood, Nature’s Landing, off Lewisburg Pike near downtown Franklin and have beautiful projects in Green Hills as well. Contact them today to find out more and begin the process of your dream home at 615-620-7161.