Arguably, one of the most stylish statements you can make within your home is to blend a charming, rustic element into a contemporary design. A particularly hot design element right now is the use of exposed ceiling beams. While trendy, the look is one that’s withstood the test of time. You needn’t worry that they’ll look dated or out-of-place, even when you overhaul your décor.


The Classic Beauty of Wood

The perennial warmth of wood beams against a fresh, bright expanse of ceiling is the perfect marriage of classic and modern style. Of particular interest is reclaimed wood. Usually old-growth timber, reclaimed wood beams have unique, individual qualities acquired through decades of use and exposure. They take stain well and can add old-school charm to any contemporary interior.


Exposed Beams: Perfect for Vaulted Ceilings

Vaulted ceilings make the perfect canvas for the visual appeal of exposed beams. Such expansive space practically begs for the bold lines and peak-defining shape outlined by this increasingly popular design element. Add a complementary chandelier or series of pendant lights and you’ve got a cohesive, well-put-together room.

Add architectural interest to a vaulted ceiling by adding exposed beams seen in this Carbine & Associates’ Parade home in Annandale with interiors by Julie Couch.

The living room, above, of the Parade home in Annandale, with interiors by Julie Couch, is another great example of adding architectural interest to a space with exposed ceiling beams.



Ceiling Beams in Smaller Spaces

Although bold, exposed beams take up very little visual space. This means you can adorn any standard eight-foot ceiling in this way without making your room feel crowded or cramped. By making sure the width and depth of your beams matches the scale of the room, you can even create a more open, airy feel than the space might otherwise have.


This spacious kitchen has even more style with the addition of box beams from Narrow Gate Artisans. The lighter-weight building element is achieved without the additional cost of reinforcement resulting in a stunning space.

Let’s Talk About Your Style

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