When you sit down with your Nashville-area custom homebuilder to plan your new home, there can be so many options that it may seem overwhelming. They say the best place to start is at the beginning—and that means considering how your lifestyle affects your needs. Additionally, it’s important to think about how your lifestyle will evolve in the coming years.


Feeling at Home in Your Custom Home



Watching sunsets on your porch may be a priority for your lifestyle and you need to build and design around it!

Your interests will dictate what you desire in a home. Some families enjoy home theater, while others prefer watching a sunset from the familiar comfort of their deck or patio. You may wish to entertain guests often, or prefer your home to be a quiet sanctuary.

Working with your custom homebuilder, you can dedicate space to the things you enjoy most. Storage for your seasonal toys, workshop or crafting room, man-cave or mom-cave: if it’s what you enjoy, you can have the perfect space for it. In a custom home, you get to arrange your home to fit the way you plan to live in it, rather than the other way around.


Designing for a Growing (or Shrinking) Family

Do you plan to have children, or eventually care for an aging family member? This will affect not only the number of bedrooms you’ll need, but also where you wish to put them. For example, you may want noisy kids’ rooms upstairs with the master suite tucked behind the kitchen.


Are you planning on expanding your family with children?  Your building and design plan needs to take it into consideration.

Alternatively, you may desire a guest room on the main floor that can become grandma’s room when she becomes uncomfortable living alone. Versatility can be a key factor when designing a custom home for a family that’s likely to change in size over time.

Guest Room, Carbine And Associates

Working with your builder to create a flexible guest room is important to designing around your lifestyle.

Your Dream Home Can Become Your Reality

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