At first glance, it may seem that built-in room features may limit a home’s appeal. With a bit of smart planning, however, built-ins can become a transformative feature that makes a new custom home uniquely inviting.


Built-In Media Wall

Many of us enjoy watching a movie, the game or our favorite TV series on a big-screen television. However, the TV and its associated cables and controls can be a bit of an eyesore when screen time isn’t desired. This makes a built-in media wall the ideal option to let you have it both ways.


Today’s flat screens can tuck nicely into a recessed wall. With a decorative curtain or some snazzy shutters, you can enjoy a stylish room without trying to build around an obtrusive black rectangle.


The Appeal of a Window Seat

Some windows merely let light in; others offer a view worthy of sitting down to enjoy. Consider a built-in bench, or even a daybed, to get the most from a window that overlooks a garden, fountain or other outdoor focal point. Such a feature is sure to set your home apart from others in the neighborhood.


Clean Style in the Mudroom

A handy seat for removing footwear in the mudroom is a must-have. For maximum style and easy cleanup, built-ins are the way to go. Start with a solid bench, and build your choice of storage options around that. Shelving, closets, cubbies and coat hooks will keep everything in its place, no furnishings required.



Bunk Beds, Guest Rooms and More!

Built-in bunk beds can define a bedroom, or lend additional space and functionality to a guest room. Add your choice of unique touches: stairs, reading lamps, shelves or whatever you can dream up!


With built-in bunk beds, an office, craft room or other bonus room can double as guest quarters—no uncomfortable hide-a-bed required. Comfort, style and versatility are a snap with custom built-in home features.



Ready to Discover Built-In Style and Comfort?

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