Spring fever is out in full force and it is a great time to start freshening up one of the rooms we spend a lot of time in—the home office.

But where do you even start?

Springtime Home Office Reset

Resetting Your Home Office for Spring Productivity

Dark colors and rich textures can make a room feel cozy at the beginning of winter, but after a few months, we’re ready to stop hibernating and get some fresh air and sunshine. Bright colors are the way to go when you want to breathe new life into your space.

The Quick One-Two: Swapping Out Furniture Positions

Give yourself a front-row-seat to the spectacular show springtime puts on by turning your desk or chair to face a window.

Even if you don’t have a big window in your home office, experimenting with new furniture layouts can make a room feel fresh and new.

Frame Your Outlook the “Bright” Way

Formal, heavy drapes can be just the right touch for your office in autumn and winter when the bland landscape outdoors calls for some drama indoors, but spring is the perfect time to put a little pizzazz in your space. Lighten up the mood in your office by trading dark or textural drapes for breezy linen curtains.

Look for light colors and natural fibers that will perfectly frame the green landscape outside.

Think Green… and Red, Blue or Yellow

Top off your spring office refresh with a vase brimming with fresh flowers. Cuttings from a blossoming tree can put a great twist on traditional floral arrangements, and they can be just as bright and cheerful. The larger the arrangement, the more pleasant your office will be (so go big!).

Are You Living in Your Dream Home?

If no amount of redecorating or furniture rearranging will improve your view of your home office, it might be time to take a big step.

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