You don’t have to have a huge, 1,500-square-foot space off your master bedroom to enjoy a great closet (just ask Mariah Carey – hers is only about 1,000 square feet, and she’s making it work). If you could settle for even less space, you might like Lauren Conrad’s mirrored closet or Guiliana Rancic’s island-centric closet. There are dozens of celebrity closets that look amazing, but do you really need that much room?

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Being Smart with Your Space

Your closet can be an amazing place if you plan it correctly. Ask yourself whether you need seating or a mirror, and think about how you can take advantage of all the available space.

If you don’t use the shelves on top of your current closet, maybe you would be better off having a rack (as long as your ceilings are over 9 feet high, a third rack in the closet will work nicely) up there. Cabinetry can work well, too.

Typically, a built in bench can provide the perfect perch for putting on socks and shoes; you don’t need to take up space in the center of your closet for seating.

It’s always okay to put doors in your closet – especially sliding, mirrored doors – so you can improve the look of your closet by tucking away your clothing and make it look bigger at the same time.

Don’t forget to consider the lighting. Natural light that comes in from skylights or windows is ideal, but if your floor plan doesn’t allow for it, you’ll still need good artificial light. Think about track lighting that highlights all of your racks, and remember that you don’t want light behind you or you will cast a shadow on your clothing, and you may not be able to see well enough to choose your daily wardrobe.

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