Building the home of your dreams exciting, but the process can be a little overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like you need to make dozens of decisions.

Before construction even begins, you have one major job: finding the right space.

When you hear Realtors® talk about “location, location, location,” they’re right. The location of your custom Middle Tennessee home is the one thing that you can’t change later if you’re not happy, so it makes sense to find a space that’s right for you.

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How to Find the Right Neighborhood for Your Custom Home

Do some preliminary research online to find some neighborhoods you think will suit you. Keep in mind you’ll be in your home for a number of years, so try to anticipate your changing needs. You’ll want to consider at least a few things:

·  Your daily commute to work

·  Quality of schools in the area, even if you don’t have children (school quality can relate to property value)

·  Ease of access to things you enjoy, whether it’s city nightlife, golf or fishing

·  Community activities and values

Finding Just the Right Parcel for a Custom Home

Now that you have your options narrowed to a few neighborhoods, take a look at the available lots. Do you envision a house on a hill? A small stream running through the backyard? Perhaps you prefer a level property to sloped or terraced ground.

Consider the view as well, but keep in mind that it could change as the neighborhood grows. The wooded lot next door may become a new neighbor’s home in a few years.

Placing your Home’s Footprint

Once you decide on a property, where will you place your home? If your street is quiet with little traffic (and it seems likely to remain so), you can build close to the street for a larger backyard. Building farther back will shield your eyes and ears from a busier roadway. We’ll help you choose the perfect location on the property – one that makes the most of natural terrain features and lets you maximize your outdoor space.

Let’s Talk About Your Custom Middle Tennessee Home

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