Many people are discussing sustainable building materials, but what does that really mean? Should you be looking into using sustainable materials in your new custom home?

Sustainable Materials

What Are Sustainable Materials?

Sustainable building materials are those that can be used without using up or destroying natural resources. The goal of using sustainable building materials in your home is to create a home that’s built to last. Further, another goal of sustainable building is to create a home that costs less in maintenance and upkeep.

Why Should You Choose a “Sustainable Build”?

A sustainably built home includes “green” features that save you money over time. First, you save energy before you even move into your home because the materials you choose are producing less waste and, in some cases, keeping trash out of landfills.

The second (and more noticeable) type of savings you’ll enjoy are in the financial arena. Green insulation, low-flow toilets and on-demand water heaters can keep money in your pocket over time. These aren’t the only reasons choosing a sustainable build could be the right choice for you, though. Eco-friendly materials may be easier on allergy-sufferers, which is another great reason for many people to choose a sustainable build.

Solar energy, another sustainable building add-on (through the addition of solar panels) can earn you money. In the state of Tennessee, when you produce more power than you consume, the “extra” goes right into the power grid. When that happens, the power company pays you for contributing. You don’t have to live in an ultra-green, ultra-efficient home, though. We can incorporate sustainable materials during the construction of your home and work to improve its energy efficiency at the same time.

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