As the weather gets cooler, it’s a good idea to make a fall home checklist for your home’s maintenance before it gets too cold. Here’re some of the Carbine team’s top tips. 


Fall Home Checklist – Start With Windows, Doors, And Decks

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The big thing for any fall home checklist is ensuring that all of the seals around your windows and doors are intact to prevent cold air from getting in. Use a screwdriver to check those, as well as the trim around railings and decks to make sure moisture doesn’t get in and cause the wood to rot. If you do find holes, use caulk to fill them. If the damage is severe enough, you may need to replace the wood entirely.

Insulate Pipes

Predictions are for a very snowy winter. Prepare pipes in older homes for winter by wrapping the ones running along exterior walls with heating tape. It will prevent your pipes from freezing, which can be a huge hassle, and it also helps save on the cost of energy.


Check Skylights, Pipes and Chimneys

Window, Deck, Fall Home Maintenance, Carbine & Associates

Checking the flashing around skylights, pipes and chimneys will let you know if there are any leaks or gaps where heavy snow and ice could get in as well warm air escape. Taking care of those issues now will prevent the frustration of trying to get them taken care of when it’s already cold out. Having your chimney clean can also prevent a potential fire from creosote build-up when wood burning. 

Check Home Operating Systems   

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From security and smoke detectors to HVAC, fall is a great time to make sure your home operating systems are working correctly. Protect your family and home by ensuring your smoke detectors are working properly and change batteries when applicable.  Once it is time to turn on your heater, having it checked now will ensure a warmer winter while increasing the life of your mechanical systems.

Assemble A Home Emergency Kit

Fall and winter can bring unpredictable weather to Tennessee, so it’s a good idea to go ahead and start building a home emergency kit. Fill it with the basics: new batteries, a working flashlight, candles, matches, and a basic medical emergency kit equipped with bandages. If you really feel like being super prepared for whatever the weather throws your way, get a backup generator. Make sure you have enough gas for the generator as well and store it all in a safe area.


Is A New Home On Your List?

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Ready to start sketching your new dream home? Contact the Carbine team today. (Pictured 2114 Southern Preserve, Franklin – rendering by Ben Johnson)

No matter what’s on your fall home checklist, be sure to start getting those things taken care of. It’s better to start now while the weather is still nice and cool. If you’re looking for a new home this fall or winter, let’s start talking new home design today with the building experts at Carbine & Associates. Give us ring at 615-661-9995.