If you’re building a custom home in the Nashville area, you have dozens of choices to make. You’re thinking about adding custom water features, figuring out how to create the perfect floor plan, and determining which flooring materials are right for you.

How much thought have you put into your mudroom, though?


What is a Mudroom (and Do You Need One)?

Whether you need a place to keep your golf clubs and tennis rackets or you just don’t want to deal with boots, raincoats and backpacks intending into your kitchen, a mudroom might be the right addition to your custom home.

Many people find that having a mudroom is an excellent way to keep the home tidy, store sporting goods and school supplies, and create a great buffer between your home and the outside world.

Planning Your Perfect Mudroom

The best way to plan the perfect mudroom in your new home is to decide what purpose it will serve.

Architect Deborah Pierce says that mudrooms are a must-have in modern homes.

“As our lives are more complicated and busy, mudrooms have become even more important. They’re a catchall for the stuff that gets in the way, a space to safeguard clothes, a way to keep entrances uncluttered, and to make your home cleaner and safer,” says Pierce.

Your options are practically limitless; when you start thinking about the perfect mudroom, consider:

  • Wall-to-wall cabinetry
  • Built-in benches
  • Hooks or racks
  • Incorporating it with your laundry room to leave more square footage available for other rooms

For the most part, you’ll want to choose heavy-duty flooring, a space for seating (even if it’s not built-in) and room for storage.

Should You Incorporate a Mudroom in Your Custom Home?

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