If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t given too much thought about utility contractors or what they do.

However, utility contractors play an essential role in the development of residential and commercial areas.

So what is a utility contractor, and what do they do?

utility contractor

What Are Utility Contractors?

Every community, shopping center and other development needs some type of infrastructure. Many need land cleared, some need water features built in, and others require other amenities. Utility contractors work on developments during each stage, often beginning with initial clearing and ending with final paving.

In order to develop any land, utility contractors come in and identify potential issues, including planning conflicts. From there, they’ll evaluate the entire property to determine precisely what needs to be done.

Utility contracting work can include moving dirt, hauling concrete and laying the groundwork for essential utilities to come in. Using heavy equipment that requires special licensing and training, such as track hoes, loaders and more, contractors are able to get jobs done quickly and efficiently.

Carbine & Associates: Clearing the Way for Middle Tennessee’s Most Prestigious Developments

Carbine & Associates has been responsible for a number of prestigious Middle Tennessee developments, including Tollgate Village, Carlisle and Southern Preserve. In fact, we’ve developed more than 2,700 lots in Middle Tennessee. We’re considered one of Nashville’s top utility contractors because we provide full service infrastructure installation all over the area.

Do You Need a Utility Contractor?

As with everything else we do, Carbine & Associates is committed to excellence in the utility contracting field. Whether you need a small area prepared for development or you have a large scale project, we’ll be happy to help.

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