With the date Marty McFly visited in “Back to the Future II” just past, it’s a great time to look at how much smart homes have evolved in the past several years.

Sure, we don’t have fax machines built into our walls like they did in the movie – but we have things that make our homes smarter and more efficient than ever before.

smart home

7 Smart Home Solutions to Make Your Life Easier (or Better)

If you’re interested in giving your home’s IQ a boost, there are countless ways to do so – and here are 7 of the best.

  1. A smart hub. Smart hubs connect all your smart devices and enable them to work together, despite the fact that they communicate differently – whether it’s through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or another technology.
  2. Smart flooring. It’s now possible for your floors to predict where you’re going and make moving from one place to another easier. Signals traveling through the floor can turn on lights, open automatic doors and even detect unauthorized intrusion.
  3. Petcubes and Petchatz. We all experience a little guilt going off to work and leaving our poor dogs home alone, but these two smart devices let you check in any time you’d like – and Petchatz even lets your dog see you while you dispense treats.
  4. Voice-activated assistants. You can manage your connected devices, get information from the Internet and set up reminders by using voice commands anywhere in your home. From ivee Voice to Echo, there are dozens of assistants on the market.
  5. Robot helpers. A step above voice-activated assistants, robot helpers such as Jibo can do all the things you need it to.
  6. Robot vacuums and mops. Short of having a housekeeper stop by, you’ll still have to clean your floors… unless you have a robot to do it for you. The push of a button as you walk out the door can ensure you walk into clean floors in every room.
  7. Self-dimming LED bulbs that induce melatonin production. Self-dimming bulbs, such as the Drift Light, become dimmer over a 37-minute period, just like the average sunset does – and it can help you sleep better.

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