As you’re planning your dream home, one of the biggest considerations might be your kitchen – and the possibilities are endless. Most (but not all) kitchens are better with an island; yours might be, too.

Kitchen Islands: Hundreds of Options

The beautiful thing about kitchen islands is that they’re versatile, especially when you’re purchasing a custom home. Many people opt for a traditional kitchen island with an overhang that can accommodate bar stools, but you can do so much more if you think it’s going to make your kitchen more streamlined and convenient.

Kitchen Island Options in Custom Homes, Carbine & Associates, Franklin, TN

Kitchen Islands with Sinks

A kitchen island with a built-in sink gives you extreme food prep convenience, particularly if there’s a disposal inside. However, your island needs to be pretty large in order for it to work to your advantage; depending on the size of your sink, you could run out of counter space (which is usually the whole point of an island, isn’t it?).

Bookshelves, Cupboards and Storage in a Kitchen Island

One of the latest design trends is turning a portion of a kitchen island into a bookshelf. Whether you’d like clear, glass doors or something rustic-looking, such as antiqued iron bars or silver wire, having a place to stash cookbooks and other culinary tomes is a great way to add style and functionality to your kitchen.

Cooking Surfaces on Kitchen Islands

If you take cooking seriously, you might spring for a hot-top kitchen island. You might even want one with a built-in oven, particularly if you’re an avid baker, and it’s completely possible to create a spectacular kitchen island with additional appliances built right in.

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