If your home has a patio or wood deck where you entertain family and friends, you probably already know that it needs yearly maintenance. With the seasons changing in Middle Tennessee, your deck will still take a beating from the elements; the worst part is that it can deteriorate quickly without the right maintenance.

Everything You Need to Know about Deck Maintenance, Carbine & Associates, Franklin, TN

What Kind of Deck Maintenance Do You Need?

Generally, your deck will be fine if you’ve applied a high quality sealant to its surfaces. A good sealer will provide between 18 months and 2 years of protection unless it’s in an extremely high-traffic area or it’s been scratched by pets, furniture or other items.

If your deck becomes weathered, which can happen in patches where the sealer has worn down or been scratched, you’ll probably need to hire experts to restore it first. When wood begins to degrade, it can start to appear gray; a professional team can use environmentally safe cleaning chemicals and power-washing techniques to get it looking like new again. Don’t apply sealant to degraded wood; that only makes the problem worse.

Make sure you’re sweeping your deck regularly, especially when leaves build up in the corners. Wet leaves can cause conditions that can damage the sealer and the wood beneath it, as can yard trimmings and other organic materials. If you’re keeping potted plants on your deck, put them on top of water-catching plates to prevent rings from developing.

Can You Apply Sealant Yourself?

There are many deck sealants available at home improvement stores, and while they’re not incredibly difficult to apply, make sure you read the directions first. Check the weather before you start, too, because most sealants take at least 8 hours to dry; rain can ruin the whole job and force you to remove it and start over. It may be easier to call in professionals for a job like this one.

If You Don’t Have Outdoor Living Space…

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