Add a fresh twist to your interior décor by ditching sleek modernity and replacing it with a vintage look that makes everyone feel right at home.

That’s right: out with the new and in with the old.

Carbine & Associates, Franklin, TN

Adding an old sliding barn door to a new custom home is a great combination.

Use Vintage Sparingly

While it’s nice to have a handful of vintage accents in a room, you probably don’t want to do the whole house that way (even some of the world’s best interior designers have a hard time pulling that off).

To-Die-For Vintage Accents

There’s neither a right way or a wrong way to choose vintage accents. You don’t even have to choose the same period for multiple accents – what matters is color, style and your personal preference.

Carbine & Associates, Franklin, TN

A vintage feel is achieved with pulley accents on this great light fixture.

Wall Art:

Vintage posters look amazing in simple, elegant frames. If you can’t get ahold of real vintage posters, use framed reprints. Old ads from magazines are some of the hottest sellers at antique shops, and you’ll usually find a whole crate of them tucked into a corner. Get some mismatched modern frames and you’re in business.

Drawer Handles:

Your modern kitchen or bathroom could use a twist, and vintage drawer and cupboard handles might be the perfect way to add it. Think retro, 70s style bar handles or extremely antique porcelain knobs.


Antique books make a lovely decorative accent on a shelf, stacked on a desk or even on display in shadow boxes. If you’re putting antique books on display, be careful with their bindings; it’s usually best to stack them flat on top of each other to protect them from gravity.

Other Accents:

Think about putting an antique typewriter on a modern end table in your office, a cross-stitched scene in your kitchen or a hand-knotted rug to your covered patio. A retro chair, an intricately patterned vase or an old rattan mirror can add the perfect touch to your bedroom.

Carbine & Associates, Franklin, TN

Weaving reclaimed beams into a new home blends old with new.

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