It is indoor fire season and there are several elements to consider if you are contemplating adding a fireplace to your new home construction.

Fireplace Options For New Home Design, Carbine And Associates, Franklin, TN 

Wood Burning Fireplaces

 There is nothing like the smell, sound and romantic aspects of a wood-burning fireplace.  Although around 75% of Carbine clients are choosing a gas fireplace, Carbine’s Vice President of Operations Daryl Walny says wood-burning is still his personal favorite.


What’s your choice, wood-burning or gas?  Around 75% of Carbine clients are preferring gas logs for their home. (Parade of Homes design by Julie Couch Interiors)


“There is a lot of work involved and sometimes bugs can tag along on the wood.  However, at the end of the day, I find it very relaxing and therapeutic,” Walny said. 


Gas Starter For Wood Burning Fireplaces

 A recent question for the Carbine team was the use of a gas starter.  Can you use a gas starter to help safely ignite a wood-burning fireplace? 

Farmhouse living room, built by Carbine & Assoc., design by Julie Couch Interiors, photo by Sam Carbine

A gas starter is the best thing since sliced bread says Carbine V.P. of Operations Daryl Walny. (House for Hope living room design by Julie Couch Interiors. Photo by Sam Carbine)

Yes, says Walny.  “It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.  You don’t have to go through all the trouble building your kindling and moving up in size until the fire is established. You simply put your logs on it, turn on the gas and it will produce enough flame to get the logs started. Turn off the gas once you have the fire established.”

Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces And Ventless

While gas fireplaces remain the top choice for new home construction, Walny says there are two options to consider.  With a direct vent gas fireplace, the fireplace box is sealed with glass so any fumes are vented. This is our most common installation with a venting mechanism to rid the home of any gas smell.  

Gas Fireplace, Fireplace Options For New Home Design, Carbine And Associates

Fireplace options for new homes includes direct vent or ventless depending upon the overall design of the home. Both are now safe options says builder Daryl Walny.


The ventless gas fireplace is a gas log fireplace which burns efficiently so it does not need outside venting and all the heat goes into the room. We typically use this if we are unable to vent due to a room above the fireplace. This has been on the market a number of years and is a safe and viable option Walny explains. 

Outdoor Fireplaces

At least half the homes we are building have an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.  Carbine is installing a modern fire bowl in the courtyard of two charming homes in the Green Hills area. 



This porch screams FAMILY TIME! Nothing beats an outdoor fireplace on a covered porch says builder Daryl Walny.

“The new homes were designed with outside entertaining as the first consideration  We are taking full advantage of the lot dynamic to create a home with a detached two-car garage with a charming covered breeze way to the home and it includes a courtyard with pavers, a fire bowl and built-in seating,”  Walny said. “The out-of-the-box design prioritizes private outdoor living in the middle of Green Hills and the homes include a fenced courtyard.” 


Click here for more information on the two homes located on Lone Oak in the Green Hills area of Nashville.


Fun Products in 2018 – Wall Mount Linear Fireplace

Although Walny says he is a purist and prefers a wood-burning fireplace, he is working with clients on an interesting electric linear fireplace.

Gel Fuel Wall Mount Fireplace, Houzz, Carbine And Associates

Houzz features a Gel Fuel Wall Mount Fireplace as a more modern fireplace option for new home design. 

“In more modern homes, we’ve incorporated the long-flame look of the linear fireplace which is a sleek design,” he said.  “The electric version of this is fascinating.  It is about the thickness of a television and can be wall-mounted which is helpful in homes where you don’t have access to gas and it can include a heater.”

Walny says they have plans to include this in a Modern Farmhouse project in the pretty Westhaven neighborhood outside of Nashville so stay tuned for pictures!   

What’s Your Favorite Fireplace Style?

Let us know your fireplace dreams and we’d be glad to help you design the perfect home for it!  Contact us today for more information. 


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