One of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do is design your dream home from the ground up. While making all those decisions can seem stressful at times, the effort and thought put into its layout will be worth it.

However, there are a few mistakes you need to avoid – and knowing what they are can help you make all the right choices.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Custom Home,  Carbine and Associates, Tennessee

Custom Home Mistake #1: Ignoring Natural Light

The more natural light you can let into your home, the better. Choosing large windows wherever possible and adding skylights to hallways, kitchens and bathrooms can improve your indoor light quality and bring in natural heat during the winter months.

Maximizing natural light doesn’t necessarily mean direct sunlight, however. Consider your compass points. If you enjoy sleeping in, you probably don’t want the master bedroom’s windows on the east side of your home.

Custom Home Mistake #2: Traffic Jams Inside Your Home

Think about the traffic patterns that your lifestyle requires. Most people know the garage should open into the kitchen so you bringing in groceries isn’t a hassle, but there are other things to consider, too. How much do you like the idea of walking up and down stairs with laundry baskets? Your laundry room might be best-suited on the first floor instead of in the basement.

Perhaps you want your master bedroom away from noise and traffic, and maybe you want your multi-purpose room in the basement. The key is to think about how your needs will evolve over time – a kids’ playroom might later become a guest room, a home office or a workout space, so keeping all that in mind when you’re working on design will help ensure that you love the layout of your home for years.

Custom Home Mistake #3: Not Being Involved Enough

Your custom home is exactly that: your home. You know your family’s needs and habits best. Designers and homebuilding professionals can offer guidance and suggestions, but no one can tell you what you do or don’t need. Trust your gut—accept professional advice, but stay involved in the planning and speak up any time something doesn’t seem like a perfect fit.

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