Interior decorating is an art form. It’s a blend of common sense, aesthetics and usability. However, there are a few popular interior decorating ideas that have persisted over the years – and unfortunately, they’re terrible ideas.

So what are they?

Carbine & Associates, 3 Interior Decorating Myths Exposed, Franklin, TN

Step away from these interior decorating myths to embrace your own design style.

Decorating Myth #1: Never Paint a Room with Dark Colors

Painting a room in dark colors has traditionally been a decorating taboo. The old idea that dark colors make a room look smaller isn’t quite true. In fact, it’s likely the rest of the décor and your choice of furnishings that will make or break your room.

The truth: dark colors can add warmth and dimension. A nice faux finish in dark colors adds depth, too. Keep your wall art well-spaced and don’t use furniture that’s too big for the room.


Decorating Myth #2: Don’t Mix Patterns

Conventional “wisdom” dictates that every room has to have a theme and that you absolutely must abide by it to avoid clashing. That’s simply not true; in fact, it’s a great idea to mix and match so you can create a more lively space.

The truth: The best way to pull off a mix-and-match of patterns and prints is to stick to one color theme. With a loose grouping of colors, your room will blend harmoniously and won’t look stark or boring.

Decorating Myth #3: Have a Theme and Stick to It

We’ve all seen a mother-in-law’s Native American-themed living room, a grandfather’s cabin-themed study or a cousin’s home that’s teeming with pictures of fruits and vegetables. That’s fine, if that’s what works – but you don’t have to stick to a theme throughout your house (or even in one room).

The truth: You can use various styles and themes to make your home comfortable and pull it off seamlessly. What better way to showcase your personality and your favorite pieces than with a multi-dimensional approach?

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