Every home needs a few well-placed mirrors, but mount them in the wrong spots and you’re just begging for a decorating disaster. If you know what you’re doing, you can create the illusion of more space and transform your home into a magazine-worthy showplace.

Strategically Placing Mirrors in Your Custom Home, Carbine & Associates, Franklin, TN

Mirrors in the Foyer

It’s always nice to get a final check of your appearance as you dash out the door, so adding a mirror in the foyer is a great idea. Place it on one side so that it doesn’t reflect too much light from the front door, and make sure its frame is nicely coordinated with your décor.

Mirrors in the Dining Room

Despite what many feng shui experts insist, mirrors can—and often should—reflect your furnishings. In fact, a well-placed mirror over the mantel in your dining room or along the wall reflecting an antique buffet can add incredible amounts of charm to your space.

Mirrors in the Kitchen

Mirrors in the kitchen aren’t for everyone. Instead, choosing highly reflective surfaces is often your best bet. Think toasters, coffee pots and faucets.

Mirrors in the Bathroom

Naturally, you’ll have a mirror over your sink in the bathroom. Many designers are adding even more mirrors to create the illusion of wider, larger spaces for guest bathrooms; placing mirrors of equal size and height on adjacent walls is a surefire way to open up your bathroom.

Mirrors in Low-Light Spaces

Every low-light space or spot without a window in your home needs a mirror. Whether you’re putting one inside your master closet or you’re bringing life to a shadowy corner, a mirror can increase the light in a space and make it look friendlier and more welcoming.

Planning to Decorate Your Custom Home with Mirrors?

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