When you’re ready to organize your garage – maybe as part of a New Year’s resolution – the whole task can seem overwhelming.

Where do you even begin?

Garage Organization

How to Organize Your Garage: One Step at a Time

Our garages often end up serving as the “catch-all” for things that we don’t want to store in the house or the shed, and unfortunately, things pile up quickly.

If you’re going to organize your garage, it’s best to start small. Your first task: determine what you could do without. You’re bound to find things you no longer use, so ask yourself whether it’s better to hold on to them or donate them to someone who will use them.

From there, start sorting everything you have. Keep related items together; sports equipment, repair supplies and holiday directions have no business in the same pile! Determine what needs to stay in the garage, what can go up to the attic, and what belongs in the shed and move things as necessary. If you’re adding cabinetry or shelving, you’re only making your job easier.

Once everything is sorted, you can install shelves or cabinets (if you haven’t chosen the perfect accessories yet, remember – this is your space, and you’re looking for a comfortable blend of functionality and style). Rolling cabinets, simple brackets with planks… whatever works for your needs and helps you keep the garage organized into the future is what you should use.

Need more ideas on making your garage functional without losing space? Check out these tips from HGTV:

  • Don’t forget the ceiling. Hooks for bikes, kayaks and other seasonal sporting goods can help you make the most of your space.
  • Hang a coat rack by the entrance door and place a rug where you can take off muddy boots (this helps keep clutter out of the house, too).
  • Add a slat wall storage system where you can affix hooks to hold gear off the ground.

Do You Need a New Garage (Attached to a New House)?

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