Master bathrooms should feel personal and comfortable, and the newest trends in 2018 are going to help it be just that. Bringing back warmer colors, room for personal touches and great lighting options, these trends might be just what you need to make your master bath feel exactly the way you want it. Check out some of our favorite Carbine home examples.

#1 Bringing Back Brass

Brass and gold tone fixtures continue to be a favorite choice!  Warm gold tones are the perfect complement to cooler gray tones that have become the favorite neutral the last few years. These fresh brass and gold toned fixtures give your home a cozier feel than sleek and modern chrome.

Brass and Gold Fixtures, Master Bath, Carbine and Associates

#2 Vanity Lighting

Vanity lighting has taken a little bit of a turn in the last few years. Light bars, small pendants, and bold sconces have become the go-to lighting fixtures for your mirror. These lighting options make your bathroom feel warm and give it a personal touch.

Lighting, Master Bath, Carbine and Associates

#3 Natural Neutrals – Organics

Neutrals will always be a crowd favorite because you can do so much with them, but bathrooms in 2018 are putting a spin on neutrals. Organic accents are becoming increasingly popular. From wooden vanities to leaf patterned tile, there are so many ways to add in an organic feeling to your master bath to make it feel natural and relaxing.

Natural Organic, Master Bath, Carbine and Associates

#4 Accent Walls and Patterned Tile

Bold accent walls and floors can make a neutral bathroom exciting. Adding a pop of a pattern or color in one area of the room is a budget friendly way to make your space look incredible. An accent feature can be anything from natural stone in the shower to wood behind the vanity. Another fun way to create a fun accent is to use shaped tiles on the floor.

Accent Walls, Master Bath, Carbine and Associates

#5 Mixed Tiles

If you love patterns, you’ll love this mixed tile trend. Adding a mosaic to a basic subway tile or using different tile throughout your bathroom is a fun way to give the space more depth and layers.

Mixed Tile, Master Bath, Carbine and Associates

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