Once you settle on a floor plan for your custom home, you’ll be faced with an exciting array of options for interior style features. Choosing your doors, cabinetry and other built-in design elements can feel a bit overwhelming, but these details are often what make a home truly yours.


Storage Never Goes Out of Style

Everyone needs storage options throughout their home—and many of us need more than we may think. While closets and cubbies are great for seasonal items, readily accessible storage is something we all use daily.

Open Shelving Offers Flexibility


Cabinetry is the ubiquitous choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Often, supplementing your cabinets with some open storage—particularly lighted shelving—can enable you to adjust your style over time or even seasonally. The clean, crisp lines of open, built-in shelves can be a fantastic blank slate for whatever you wish to display.


From shiplap to stone, open shelving provides a great option for displaying unique china and collectibles.

By blending your cabinetry with some open shelving, you can enjoy additional storage without feeling as though you’re faced with a wall of cabinet doors. While everyday items rest neatly in their cabinets, your decorative and conversation-piece items can become focal points in your kitchen and baths.


In a new Carbine custom home, open shelving is backed by subway tile adding a unique dimension to the pretty kitchen.

Not Just for the Kitchen

Of course, the simplicity and flexibility of open shelving isn’t limited to your kitchen. Are you an avid reader, collector or antiques enthusiast? Today’s open wall shelves often feature recessed LED lighting to highlight your treasures.


Curio cabinets can look a bit out of place in many modern homes. By blending the shelving material with your wall surfaces, you give your collection a chance to take center stage. Open shelving invites the eye to enjoy your keepsakes and art pieces, free from the wood and glass enclosures of old.


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