Working with a builder to create a custom home is an exciting prospect. However, for some people, it may not be a perfect fit. In many cases, a market home may offer many of the advantages of a custom build, with none of the disadvantages.


Carbine & Associates’ French Manor market home was begun months before an area family purchased it in the Westhaven neighborhood and customized it to their needs.



Recently completed, Carbine & Associates’ French Manor style home was built as a market or spec home and sold before completion in the Westhaven neighborhood.

What is a Market Home?

Market homes are new homes that a builder has constructed without a buyer in mind. The design and the structure are already in place, but in many cases, you can find this type of home in progress to purchase before the final touches are complete. This gives you, in many ways, the best of both worlds.


Future home owners worked with Carbine’s interior design partner, Kate Williams, to customize their dream home.

Since the major construction is already complete, buying a market home means you’ll be able to move in much more quickly than if you build a completely custom home. You’ll skip past the design phase and most of the building phases—but you’ll still be able to choose your own finishes. For example, buying a home in progress often means you can select your:

  • Carpet and other flooring
  • Paint colors and wall coverings
  • Window treatments

Often, you’ll also be able to choose your interior and closet doors, lighting and plumbing fixtures, and other details.


Purchasing a home in progress saved the future homeowners time and money but allowed them to make adjustments like the wrought-iron staircase design.



Choosing a floor better suited for their busy family, future homeowners were able to work with Carbine & Associates on the wood flooring choice.

Market Homes: Fast Track to Your Dream Home


Collaborating with the future home owners, builder Daryl Walny suggested the clever hidden book shelf to meet the family’s need for more storage.

If you want a new home with all your own touches, but without the various stages of financing and construction work, buying a home in progress may be for you. While you’ll have to find one with the rooms and the floor plan that work for you, many of the functional and cosmetic aspects for your new home will be up to you. Without the wait.


Let’s Talk About a Home in Progress

Are you looking for a market home you can make your own? Carbine & Associates often has an array of homes in progress for sale or can build one custom to your needs. Give us a call at 615-661-9995 or contact us online. We’d be happy to show you our current inventory including in three homes in Williamson County neighborhoods, Southern Preserve and Water Leaf ,  as well as several beautiful options in the Nashville area.