Planning for the Future in Your Custom Home

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Designing your custom home is an exciting process. So much potential! Of course, once you’re settled, you’ll want to enjoy your new home (and all of Middle Tennessee) for many years. Figuring the future into your building plan is fundamental to getting the most from your custom home. The Near Future Planning for the immediate and [...]

5 Hot Bedroom Decor Ideas You’ll Love

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We all want our homes to look spectacular without sacrificing comfort, but decorating your bedroom to reflect your personal style and keeping things cozy isn’t always easy. Aside from mixing and matching patterns and all of the other tried-and-true (and maybe exhausted) design advice, we’ve put our heads together with today’s hottest decorators to come up [...]

How to Create a Comforting, Vintage Bedroom

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There’s nothing quite like the cozy and comforting feeling of a bedroom decorated in vintage style. The soft, romantic lines in this traditional decorating style lend themselves perfectly to the boudoir. The luxury of vintage furniture will make your bedroom the most inviting room in your home. The Foundation for a Vintage Bedroom When you’re going [...]

How to Choose the Right Vessel Sink

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A vessel sink is a bold, ultra-modern choice in kitchens and bathrooms. They come in an array of shapes and materials, and they are amazing focal points. The punchy style of a vessel sink isn’t without its shortcomings, though, and they’re not right for everyone. In some homes, a traditional sink may be the better choice. [...]

3 Hot Foyer Decorating Tips from the Pros

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Sometimes you really do get a second chance to make a first impression—with your foyer. Aside from your home's curb appeal, the foyer is an introduction to your residence and a statement about your personal sense of style… a space that ushers you and your guests into all that your home has to offer. Three Hot [...]

How to Arrange Furniture Like a Professional Decorator

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Enhancing the look and functionality of your space doesn’t require hiring a professional (although that’s a big help). You can put together the ideal layout with your existing furniture by using these tips from the pros.   Avoid the Cold Shoulder   Do the backs of some of your furniture pieces face the entryway, appearing to [...]

Chandelier, Track Lighting, or Recessed Lights: What’s Best for Your Kitchen?

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Your kitchen is the most multi-functional room in your home, particularly if it’s an open or eat-in kitchen. Cooking, cleaning, eating, planning, and often socializing all center around this important space. The lighting you choose should suit the use of your kitchen, as well as your personal tastes. Chandeliers Nothing tops a chandelier for classic elegance. [...]

5 Decorating Mistakes We All Make

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We all want our homes to look their best, but sometimes even the most well intentioned design choices don't quite pan out. In fact, there are five major mistakes that most of us make with our interior décor picks. 5 Decorating Mistakes We All Make Small Space, Small Furniture   It's tempting to think that a small [...]

Tips on Choosing The Perfect Paint Colors

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Choosing room colors can be a more daunting task than actually doing the painting yourself. You want room and accent colors to suit the usage of the room, as well as your individual personality. This is especially true if you plan to entertain guests in your home. As you’re putting together ideas for your custom home [...]

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