There’s nothing quite like the cozy and comforting feeling of a bedroom decorated in vintage style. The soft, romantic lines in this traditional decorating style lend themselves perfectly to the boudoir. The luxury of vintage furniture will make your bedroom the most inviting room in your to create a comforting, vintage bedroom

The Foundation for a Vintage Bedroom

When you’re going for a vintage look, you’ll want all the focus on just one or two pieces of vintage furniture. It’s important to keep the walls and floors simple. Solid-colored walls in soft or muted tones are the best way to go; that way, you can accent without creating chaos.

Couple that vintage furniture with hardwood floors or plush carpeting and you’ll have the perfect space.

How to Choose Vintage Furniture for Your Bedroom

Most people who pull off the vintage boudoir start with a bed. Spend an afternoon browsing the Franklin Antique Mall or The Northgate Gallery for inspiration.

Your bed will be the focal point of the bedroom, so look for a bed with a commanding presence and ornate details.

You don’t have to have your vintage bed refinished, but keep in mind that a professional can restore its depth and bring out its original vibrant qualities.

Once you’ve found the perfect bed (which can take weeks, so be prepared!), you can give your room more character with an antique dresser, armoire, chair or vanity.

“You will have a room with much more character and personality if the pieces complement and balance each other instead of coming as a matching set,” says Christina Orleans of Little Victorian. “For the rest of the bedroom furniture, look for simple lines that won’t detract attention from the bed.”

Orleans suggests blending newer, simpler furniture with vintage pieces to prevent your bedroom from looking outdated.

The Finishing Touches

An antique quilt, modern and fun pillow shams or anything vibrant can be the perfect finishing touches, according to Orleans.

The final step? Cozying up with a cup of hot tea and a great book.

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