Enhancing the look and functionality of your space doesn’t require hiring a professional (although that’s a big help). You can put together the ideal layout with your existing furniture by using these tips from the pros.

 How to Arrange Furniture Like a Pro - Carbine and Associates

Avoid the Cold Shoulder


Do the backs of some of your furniture pieces face the entryway, appearing to give you the cold shoulder when you enter the room? No one likes to stare at the hind parts of a sofa, love seat or chair. If the backs of your chairs face the entry to your space, try angling them to create a more welcoming first impression and an instant pathway to your seating.
“You always want to be invited into a room visually, without any obstructions in your path,” says design pro Robin Long Mayer of Robin Mayer Design.


Make Your Home Office Pull Double-Duty


You work smart and so should your furniture. That’s why your home office can double as the perfect guest room when there just isn’t enough space for everyone. Outfit your office with a foldout convertible desk that can collapse against the wall when you have guests. A mirror on the underside of the desk will be visible when the desk is stowed. A Murphy bed will allow your visitors to sleep comfortably, and when they disappear, it will too.


Enjoy Banquette Bliss


Maximize your kitchen space with a built-in window seat. A banquette provides bench seating on one side of the table, while your existing chairs can cozy up to the other. A window seat is also a perfect solution for a little extra storage, and it creates a comfy nook where you can spend time outside of breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Free Up Your Footage


Does your space limit the use of bookshelves and table consoles? You can save your space in smaller rooms by using floating shelves, according to interior designer Wendy Cassidy. Open and accessible, these shelves make for great storage in tight areas, are perfect for displaying your accessories, and are ideal for helping to create symmetry in asymmetrical spaces.


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