Beautiful custom homes begin with great design. During National Architecture Month 2017, we want to share some of our favorite homes to inspire your building ideas while saluting the talented architects.

National Architecture Month is celebrated by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) around President Thomas Jefferson’s April 13th birthday.  Jefferson is the first U.S. president recognized for his architectural affinity. The month is dedicated to recognizing the role architects play as a force for positive change in communities. It is also held to encourage the public’s appreciation of design.


Carbine & Associates has the privilege of working with a great spectrum of Nashville area architects and designers who create beautiful projects we are honored to build on home sites across Davidson and Williamson counties. Architects play an important role says Carbine Vice President of Operations Daryl Walny.

“A good architect is critical to a build for a number of reasons. First, their design and layout will determine how a house lives and feels. An architect with a mind for scale and proportion will design a home that looks pleasing to the eye with room sizes that feel comfortable. Second, an architect with a good understanding of building processes will make sure their design works for the folks building it in the field,” Walny said.

Flexibility is an important quality for an architect says Walny when changes have to occur. “Many folks are not comfortable visualizing what a house will look like on paper and may need to change something when it is actually framed up. Sometimes rooms can be changed but will involve a good deal of cost to do it. A good architect will find ways to meet the client’s objective, minimize the cost and keep the changes in the spirit of the design.”

Ode To 19th Century Farmhouse

Our most recent project, the House for Hope Designer Show House, was an ode to the 19th Century farmhouse and created in partnership with architect Chris Gill. The classic farmhouse was given a modern day twist with fiber cement siding, a galvanized metal roof and a fresh railing choice, the Southern cross.


Modern farmhouse in style, the House for Hope Designer Show House was designed by architect Chris Gill. (Photo by Sam Carbine)



Carbine has worked on multiple projects with architect Eric Stengel including this gorgeous home.

Video Overview of Beautiful Custom Homes

Here is a look at just a few of our projects over the past few years which have inspired us.



Federal Style Home Carbine’s Latest In Water Leaf


Similar in style to this home, a Federal will be the first home completed in Water Leaf designed by Chris Gill.

Carbine & Associates has just begun a farmhouse and Federal style home in the newly launched Water Leaf neighborhood. Whatever your design inspiration, we are honored to work with architects to create it. You dream it. We build it!