The latest building trends were compiled by the Carbine team at the recent International Builders’ Show and range from an infusion of color in the home and the super island to experience rooms for wine and the use of mixed metals. 

Carbine Realty agent Kristen Carbine attended IBS with her father James, Carbine company president who serves the National Association of Home Builders’ as Area 7 National Chairman representing Tennessee and Alabama.  Here’s Kristen’s top list which she feels will be popular with Middle Tennesseans and some recent pretty examples from Carbine projects in Green Hills and Williamson County.


James Carbine, Kristen Carbine, Carbine And Associates, International Builders' Show

James Carbine and daughter, Kristen, represented Carbine And Association at the International Builders’ Show where they compiled a list of eight inspiring building trends.

Kitchen Trends

1.The Super Island

Still the most important room of the home, in 2018, the kitchen island becomes the super island serving a variety of functions from after school homework to buffet space for parties.


8 Inspiring Building Trends 2018, super island, Carbine And Associates, Lucy Farmer

With designer Lucy Farmer playing hostess, the oversized island with Aurea “Dinergy” composite stone in the House for Hope farmhouse is multi-functional and makes a great buffet for a Media Blogger Event.

2. Blue The New Gray 

Shades of blue are being woven throughout the home, and, in the kitchen, we’ll see it more with two-tone cabinets and in the island where it gives it a furniture style feel says Kristen. In 2014, Indigo Blue was used in the HGTV Smart Home that Carbine built.  In 2018, the color is more subtle. 

8 Inspiring Building Trends, Dusty Blue Island, Carbine And Associates

A more subtle shade of blue is used on the kitchen island of a Federal style home in Water Leaf neighborhood currently available. Click here for info. 

 3. Pantry Organization, Florals And Color!

The kitchen pantry takes it up a notch with great storage organization products and the addition of design elements like florals and color.


8 Inspiring Building Trends, Organized Pantries, Carbine And Associates.jpg

The Home Edit organized Carbine’s farmhouse pantry with clever containers and tags, a major pantry trend for 2018. (Photo by Sam Carbine)

8 Inspiring Building Ideas, Organized Pantry With Floral Wallpaper, Carbine And Associates

A beautiful home on Lone Oak in Green Hills, designed by J & K Design Studio and built by Carbine & Associates, has a spacious pantry with a clever floral wallpaper.

4. Open Floor Plan 

The open floor plan is still driving home design.  A kitchen which flows into other rooms remains a popular choice. Carbine has done this in pretty new homes in Southern Preserve and Water Leaf in Williamson County as well as several new homes in Green Hills. Click here for 5000 Water Leaf Drive listing. 

8 Inspiring Building Ideas, Open Floor Plan, Carbine And Associates

The open floor plan continues to be a building trend and popular with clients. This home in Southern Preserve, currently available, opens to the living room, breakfast area, covered porch and mud room.

Home Trends

 5. Wine Experience Rooms

As the curiosity of millenials drive us back to history and the story behind products, the wine bar becomes the wine experience room.  Kristen says the idea is to step away from spirits and move toward atmosphere, sense, smell and the history of what you are enjoying.


8 Inspiring Building Ideas, Wine Rooms, Carbine And Associates

The 2018 building trend is moving from the home wine bar to the wine room for a richer experience says Kristen Carbine.

6. Mixed Metal Trending Strong

Mixing metals in the home is trending strong. Carbine recently used a gorgeous stainless steel tub in a Green Hills home which has sold on Lone Oak.   The builder has three other homes in the area including one adjacent recently completed and available.  You’ll also see more metal in creative light fixtures.


8 Inspiring Building Ideas, Stainless Steel Soaking Tub, Carbine And Associates

Mixing metals within the home are on trend for 2018 like this gorgeous stainless steel tub Carbine used in a Green Hills home which sold recently. Click here for nearby homes available.

 7. Smaller Garages

As families have fewer children and smaller, smarter cars, the garage size is being decreased and the space woven into the home. 

 8. Smart, Safer Homes

Smart home technology at the touch of your phone continues to be a necessity says Kristen.  “From Honeywell smart thermostats which can regulate moisture to Nest technology for home smart thermostats and security cameras, Carbine is using technology to help manage home systems and offer more security especially in urban projects,”  Kristen said.


Nest Thermostat, Kenrow Corner, The Nations, Carbine & Associates

Carbine and Associates uses a variety of home technology including the Nest thermostat.

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