3 Smart Gadgets That Make Your Home More Livable

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Did you watch The Jetsons when you were a kid? Now we have those watches you can talk into, robots that sweep the floors… and plenty of other great gadgets that make our homes more livable and our lives much easier. 3 Smart Gadgets that Make Your Home More Livable 1. Oso Technologies’ PlantLink We all know that plants improve air [...]

How to Arrange Furniture Like a Professional Decorator

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Enhancing the look and functionality of your space doesn’t require hiring a professional (although that’s a big help). You can put together the ideal layout with your existing furniture by using these tips from the pros.   Avoid the Cold Shoulder   Do the backs of some of your furniture pieces face the entryway, appearing to [...]

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Accepted

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As the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge sweeps the nation, Carbine & Associates, Franklin-based custom home builders, received a challenge from a former co-worker, Michelle Davis, and her husband, Keith, whose co-worker has ALS. Carbine & Associates is pleased to support his fundraising efforts for this worthy cause.     Today, Carbine & Associates challenges Carbine Construction, [...]

9 Must-Have Houseplants for Fresh, Clean Air

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9 Must-Have Houseplants for Fresh, Clean Air It’s long been known that keeping plants indoors can improve your air quality and brighten just about any room, but which plants are right for your home? Indoor air quality can be impacted by weaving plants into your home decor. Some houseplants are more efficient (and harder [...]

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