Farmhouse sinks, also known as apron front sinks, have enjoyed renewed popularity in recent years. Originally a utilitarian choice from the days when a large sink was helpful for large food and meat prep, their versatility is making them a recent favorite for custom home building projects. 


Used in our House for Hope Designer Show House, Kohler has a beautiful sink description. “Inspired by nature—including furrowed dunes, the ocean’s ripples and aerial views of farm fields—the gentle pattern of horizontal ridges also reflects the crafts of basketry, textiles, and architectural details such as beadboard and tin ceilings.” (Photo by Geinger Hill)

Classic Functionality Meets Contemporary Style


A farmhouse sink is deeper and broader than the sinks you’ve seen in most urban and suburban homes. While the ability to hold your largest stockpot and half-sheet cake pans is highly desirable, apron front sinks looked rather out of place in many late-twentieth-century kitchens. This relegated them largely to retro and country-chic designs for many years.

With modern materials and fixtures, the farmhouse sink has gotten a sort of facelift. No longer seen as strictly utilitarian, the expansive basin and classic apron front is a hot design feature around which you can build the rest of your kitchen’s unique style. By choosing different faucet fixtures, you can lean toward the past or blaze a trail to the most modern and innovative look.


Functional and Easy to Clean


Farmhouse sinks are as useful as they are stylish. The apron front eliminates the need to caulk around the front of the sink, which takes so much daily wear that it needs re-caulking every year. No more strip of countertop collecting crumbs and splashes. Wiping down your sink and countertop just got easier.

And the space! Anyone who’s ever had to live with a double sink can appreciate a basin that will hold even your largest and most unwieldy pieces of cookware. Truly, the farmhouse sink is a focal point worthy of building an entire kitchen around.


How Can a Farmhouse Sink Suit Your Style?

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